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The Quasar Quartet is Ready to Play!

With their performance coming up tomorrow, the members of Quasar Quartet shared some of their feelings about traveling and performing across the NWT.

Since 1994, the four saxophone players have been exploring many different ways to present their music. The group’s ventures include instrumental music, improvisation, and electronics. Whether solo or accompanied by a symphony orchestra, acoustic or plugged-in, Quasar offers its audience a unique and deeply original programming.

We recently had the chance to speak with two members of the Quartet; Marie-Chantal Leclair, and Jean-Marc Bouchard. Leclair share the group’s reasoning behind their unique mix-up of musical styles.

“Because we want all of it. We really enjoy to feel two different sources, so it would be too limited for us to stick to one genre. And the saxophone, as an instrument, it’s so versatile. It can play all kinds of music, so this is what we really like to do.”

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This is the first time the Quartet has visited the Northwest Territories, but they have already made several stops for other performances in their time here.

“We arrived here in Yellowknife, then we took this long road to Fort Smtih. We were very excited, I mean we’ve been so lucky. We’ve been seeing lots of wildlife there. So we went to Fort Smith, and we played two shows there. We did a school show, and then we played at the Anglican Church, and it was really nice. The people were so welcoming, and we really enjoyed it.”

Their Yellowknife performance will be the last show for their NWT tour. It will be held at the Elks Lodge at 8 PM on Friday, May 27th.

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