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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Frozen Pipes Cases Increase Throughout Yellowknife

The City of Yellowknife is reporting an increase of cases of frozen pipes in homes.

homes across the city are experiencing an abnormally high number of frozen sanitary sewer lines. Residents are asked to run warm water throughout the day to prevent this.

Frost levels have been observed as deep as 10 feet this season, which is considerably more than in a typical winter. This places a significant amount of residential services in the active frost layer and is contributing to the increase in freeze-ups.

Residents are encouraged to use water throughout the day to help prevent sewer service lines from freezing: use warm water whenever possible and run it intermittently throughout the day. Each household is different, so the length of time water must run varies.

City crews are working diligently to attend to the high numbers of frozen lines. Residents are encouraged to contact local plumbers if they continue to experience issues with frozen pipes.

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