Robyn Scott: Northern Artist

For This True North Tale I sat down with local Yellowknife Teacher and Artist Robyn Scott, She talked to me about her art process and what she loves about it, She told me how she came to the north.

I’ve been living in the north now for 14 (fourteen) years, I moved up here from the Maritimes for one year to try it for teaching and I fell in love with the place and just never left.

After becoming an English teacher and starting a family, Robyn looked around at her life and wanted something that was just for her.

and Art was always the answer and so I started creating art just for myself, Then I started sharing pictures of it on social media just so I could share it with my family and the overwhelming reaction was so positive from my family and friends it made me think that I could take this to the next level.

One of Robyn’s Favourite things to paint are the amazing animals of the NWT

In fact, if you own a phone book and I think some of us still do. On the cover this year you’ll find a painting of my caribou. So that caribou in particular is very inspiring to me because it talks about the changing landscapes and the challenges that are facing certain animals. I think by creating this painting of this sacred moment with this beautiful, majestic animal that talks to the northern experience and the importance of our relationship with the land.

You can check our Robyn’s Artwork on robyn.scott.artwork on Instagram She tells me one of her favourite parts about being an artist is inspiring future artists.

There is nothing more GRATIFYING to me in this world than being able to inspire and empower students to express themselves CREATIVELY My Senior art students this year continue to blow me away and really exceed my expectations with their work and when they come home with their piece of artwork and it excites their family nothing is more special to me than that.

-Robyn Scott, Northern Teacher, Artist

Listen to the full TNT here

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