State of emergency declared in Hay River

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A local state of emergency was declared in Hay River at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 10th. The Hay River Fire Department has been managing a subsurface fire at the Hay River landfill that flared up the evening of Saturday, March 9th.

Firefighting crews supported by heavy equipment and water supply contractors are now focusing efforts on a surface fire near the south wall of the landfill. The fire is not an immediate risk to the public.

Smoke from a landfill fire in the town of Hay River which has prompted officials to enact a local state of emergency. Marilyn Marshall photo

South winds are blowing smoke into the town of Hay River and the Health Authority officials have been contacted to advise the firefighters of the situation. Their office will assess air quality conditions and let the public know if there are any concerns.

The public is asked to yield to emergency service and support crews travelling between the landfill and Hay River. All non-emergency persons are asked to refrain from travelling to the area. The landfill is closed to the public but garbage pickup services are continuing at this time.

An Incident Command Centre has been established at the Town Hall.

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