First weekend at snow castle draws a crowd

Snowking Anthony Foliot on the first night of the Snowking's Winter Festival. Emelie Peacock photo
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Twenty three years in, the Snowking’s Winter Festival continues to be a popular destination for locals and tourists. In its first weekend, the snow castle on Yellowknife Bay drew over 1,800 visitors.

Snowking Anthony Foliot opened the castle by carving an entrance into the ice and snow at noon Saturday. Later in the evening, hometown musical legends Digawolf and Carmen Braden performed on the Snowking stage.

Both Braden and Digawolf performed new music – Digawolf from his new album Yellowstone. Braden played a homage to the pilots who lost their lives in a recent fatal Air Tindi crash, as well as a tune to a teenage love of hers – Bruno’s Pizza.

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The number of visitors on the first weekend, 1,818, is just slightly higher than last year which saw 1,720 visitors on the first weekend.

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