MID-DAY: TSX pulls ahead on gold boom; Dow slips as investors get impatient for US China trade details

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The TSX is getting a boost as the gold sector ramps up. The Bay Street Index is up 58 points to 15,896 as the precious metal gains 18 dollars to 1,340.

Across the border a different story for the Dow, which is slipping 35 points to 25,848. Experts say the dip comes as investors are taking a cautious tone waiting for any new details coming out of the US China trade negotiations, which kick off again in the US this week.

Oil is pulling back from its rally as US crude falls to 56.23 a barrel.

The energy-tied Loonie is slipping to 75.38 cents US.

Meanwhile, Walmart is drawing a line in the sand against its biggest competitor Amazon after posting positive results for both online and physical store sales, especially during the holiday season.

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