Reports of wildfires in Fort Liard area

Photo courtesy of the NWT Fire facebook page.
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Wildfire reports have surfaced early in 2019 despite the snow and cold weather. On a post on the NWT Fire facebook page, the Territorial Government says they have received three reports of person caused wildfires. The reports come from the area of Fort Liard. The fires were caused by abandoned campfires.

The post says though January may seem like a safe month for fires, it isn’t.

“The Fort Liard area is still extremely dry from a lack of fall precipitation. In these conditions fire can get into the duff layer in the ground and smolder over winter. These fires can then pop back up in the spring when conditions warm up.”

The NWT Government asks the public to help keep your community safe by being sure your campfire is completely out before leaving the area.

For more information on wildfires and how you can become FireSmart, visit or contact your local ENR office.

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