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Buffalo Airway’s Mikey McBryan to mark D-Day with skydive

Yellowknife, NWT – Buffalo Airways is marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day during the Second World War by dropping skydivers from a DC-3 that was actually involved in the historic invasion.

Buffalo General Manager Mikey McBryan says they’re teaming up with the Canadian and US military and will do a parachute drop on June 6th at Lake Louise, Alberta.

And yes, McBryan says he too will jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

“I’m not jumping out static line, I’m going to be jumping out tandem so we’re going to go up to 10,000 feet and then jump out. Since it’s a military trip, I’m going to have to endure a military medical since you have to be fit to do stuff like this.”

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There are so few World War Two veterans still alive, we asked McBryan why Buffalo’s doing this.

“With every year that goes by, history gets lost so it’s important to remember the people that risked their lives and lost their lives because they were our grandfathers or great grandfathers. Events like this and events throughout the year remind us that there’s an ultimate sacrifice paid and that should be honoured.”

The beginning of the end for Hitler came when allied forces, including thousands of Canadian soldiers, landed in France on D-Day on June 6th, 1944.

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