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Update: YK1 working to remove asbestos found in schools

Air monitoring results by Associated Environmental Consultants Inc. show no airborne asbestos fibres in YK1 schools.

Based on the recorded airborne fiber concentrations, there is no risk of exposure to students and teaching staff as no asbestos fibers were identified in public utilized spaces,” said AEC.

Earlier in the month, YK1 announced that some of their schools tested positive for asbestos. 29 samples were forwarded for further analysis. Two were found to have Chrysotile asbestos; however, both samples were from mechanical rooms. AEC says because of that, the risk of exposure is very limited.

Airborne fiber concentrations recorded in the noted mechanical spaces also pose no risk of exposure as they were below the published Occupational Exposure Limit of 0.1 fibers/cc for airborne asbestos fiber.”

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Asbestos is common in residential and commercial buildings built before 1990, due to construction standards at the time.

Students will not be disrupted while further work is done by AEC.

YK1 says they will continue to work with AEC, the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission, and the Government and the Northwest Territories to ensure a safe learning environment.

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