Street Outreach Program continues during absence of Sobering Centre

Lydia Bardak, left, Mayor Mark Heyck, right. (2016)
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The City of Yellowknife continues to work with the Yellowknife Women’s Society during the temporary closure of the Sobering Centre.

The partnership is a part of the Yellowknife Street Outreach program. The program has seen a decrease in hours of operation to reflect the change of location drop-off option. It’s currently open daily from 1-11 pm.

The Street Outreach program helps provide assistance to people who need help getting to a safe location. The services allows for people to reach their homes or a shelter who would not be able to get there any other way.

The City estimates that it will cost $160 000 in 2017 to provide the Yellowknife Street Outreach program.

Members of the public are asked to call (867) 445-7202 if they see someone in need of assistance. The Yellowknife Street Outreach Team will drive to a pick up location, and if the individual is not in need of emergency services, offer to give them a ride to a safe place.

The Street Outreach Program is for non-emergency assistance. If you see a crime in progress, please call the RCMP at (867) 920-1111. If you or someone else needs urgent medical attention, please call Emergency Medical Services at (867) 920-2222.

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