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“Everything leaves you speechless…” – Discover Our Secrets winners enjoy NWT

The North often intrigues a certain kind of crowd.

The adventurous.

The self-contained.


That’s why it’s interesting to hear that someone (two people actually) won a contest to come experience all that the Northwest Territories have to offer, and they became immediately obsessed.

It’s talked about a lot: the Big City. To some, surprisingly enough, that would be Yellowknife. To others, it’s places like Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Avneet Dhanoa and Amna Basit are from Toronto, relatively speaking. They won the opportunity to visit the NWT through the Discover Our Secrets Contest – a place where, “modern communities are surrounded with the purest wilderness in the world.

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When you grow up in a big city (go to school, meet all of your friends, go to work), it’s very hard to realize the scale of everything our country has to offer. The girls themselves admitted that they’ve traveled the world, but they’ve never seen something quite like the North.

The people were the first thing that I noticed,” Avneet said. “They were so kind. So generous.” She then unabashedly went on about the landscape. “Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. Everything leaves you speechless. You really try to prepare yourself for something like this. There just isn’t something quite this magnificent. You’re left in awe. It was like that every day, with both the people and the nature.

It’s gone beyond our expectations, for sure,” Amna added. “There’s so much diversity, not just the people but with everything. You go around and visit the locations, see the sites, talk to the people and you realize that this is Canada. You get the luxury of cross-the-world adventure within your own country.

It sounds to me like they’re sold on the North, but I can’t just assume these things. So, I hit them with the big question. The one that people want to know, because there’s an idea that people always want to leave here. I ask them, ‘when are you coming back?

Oh geez… As soon as possible, I’d have to say,” said Amna.

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It’s TBD right now. You forget when you’re on vacation that you have a life, you have things to do. That said, I need my husband to see this place. It’s really incredible and I’d have no idea if I didn’t win this contest… I want to see the lights, that’s my goal now.

They better show me around when they come back.


The contest for Discover Our Secrets is now closed. The winners were announced several times over the past month. If you’d like to read more on the promotion, visit

Thank you to Cathie Bolstad of Spectacular North.

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