Leslie Allen on Food Rescue and The Food Rescue How-To Guide

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Food Rescue is a nonprofit organization that operates in the NWT and they partner with organizations who donate food to them. And then they distribute that food to the people who need it for this True North Tale. I sat down with the president of Food Rescue Leslie Allen, and she told me how she got involved in the organization.

I guess I got lucky. I don’t know. Well, I was involved in Food Rescue in around 2011-2012. And my heart and soul just got into it. I was so impressed with what they were doing. And then, unfortunately, I had to leave Food Rescue for a while because I wasn’t well. So I came back in about 2018 and with the expectation that I would serve as president within the next year, so I’ve been basically the president for the last three and a half years

Food Rescue has gained a great reputation since its operations started up here in the north and Leslie tells you about a time where they received food without even asking for it

The ice road closed. And so there was a food truck that was going up to one of the mines and it couldn’t go there because the road had closed so that people knew to divert that wonderful produce and frozen food to Food Rescue

In 2018. Leslie attended a round table in Hay River and she showed a video and spoke on behalf of Food Rescue and the reception she got after the round table was incredible. They wanted to know how Food Rescue got started, what are some tips they had and how they could start their own organizations like this. So Food Rescue was asked to make a Food Rescue how to guide for NWT communities. Here’s Leslie with more info and where you can find the How To Guide

we recognize that things are different in Yellowknife from some of the other communities, different resources, different people available to help out. We draw on a large group of volunteers who are seniors. And we have three grocery stores that have worked with us since 2009. So there’s quite a commitment there. Now, we don’t know what’s available in all the communities and it would be up to individuals in those communities to determine what would work best for them. But what our guide does is it shows what we did and what some of the tips were that we have some of the benefits and it outlines the nine steps. We have it on our website Food Rescue Yellowknife dot ca. And if they turn to the resource page, they can download a copy of the guide and the video that is displayed on our website actually goes through the guide step by step and explain what we do and how we do it. – Leslie Allen, Food Rescue President

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Check out the guide here !: https://foodrescueyellowknife.com/resources/

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