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A staple of many high school careers are the competitions put on by organizations like Skills Canada NWT, and for this TNT I sat down with Blake Moulton the executive director of Skills Canada NWT and he told me about this year’s territorial competition.

Excited to say that the territorial competition is in fact happening this year last year it was cancelled among many things due to covid it was kind of a weird time for us in terms of programming as a lot of our programming targets youths of course but also deals with hands on activities and PROGRAMS so over the past few months we have been working hard to make sure we can have a territorial competition this year in some form it will be completely virtual but we are happy that it is taking place.

With the competition being virtual this year it allows more kids than ever to participate.

As we’re still planning they’re still a lot of logistical hurdles to get through moving to a virtual competition is a good platform to investigate because it allows us to reach a lot of kids who may not have been able to travel or come to yellowknife where the territorial competition has been held in years past so we get to hold the entire thing on our website essentially and participants and REGISTERED kids can expect to have these competition toolkits mailed out to them so they will RECEIVE the MATERIALS from us to participate in a number of competition areas so it allows like it said more kids to participate where maybe in years past they didn’t have the chance to

Even though the planning had to change to make the competition virtual this year Blake says the main aim of the Territorial competition remains the same

so we also want to make sure that the PROGRAMMING and events that we are holding to promote these skilled trades and technology ACTIVITIES are fun and educational and gives kids and youths the platform to make informed decisions once they are done high school

-Blake Moulton , Executive Director at Skills Canada NWT

Listen to the full TNT here!

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