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The United Way NWT’s COVID-19 Committee

2020 has not been easy on anybody, and for this True North Tale I sat down with the chair of The United Way NWT’s COVID-19 Committee. A committee whose hard work has already helped distribute eight hundred-Thousand dollars (800,000). Megan sat down with me and told me how the committee came together.

The COVID-19 Committee was a brainstorming idea from the United Way NWT board. So the group of us made a committee out of it, and I volunteered some extra time to chair the committee and help us meet our goals. It initially started as a partnership with the YK Community Foundation who helped us spearhead the Together We Are Strong campaign. Offering to match us fifty-thousand dollars(50,000) with what we could raise from funds with community members and businesses and at the end of that they were actually able to increase their matching to seventy five-thousand (75,000) and we were able to raise just over seventy five-thousand to get that full amount so that’s what started the COVID-19 Committee then the second piece of that was the federal government’s announcements of filtering their community funds through the New Horizons For Seniors and the Emergency Community Support Fund dollars through the United Way and that also became part of the Committee’s mandate

Megan went on to tell me that a large part of their 2020 was spent helping the community organizations in their community investment fund who had already received the grant pre-covid transition their programs that were in person to virtual substitutes. She went on to tell me that the next round of applicants for their community investment fund is open so if you are apart of a community organization check out the United Way NWT’s website for info on how to apply. One of the things Megan is most excited about is with the introduction of more virtual programs it allows other community organizations who maybe haven’t worked with the United Way NWT in the past to apply for grants. Megan would like to thank all of the community organizations and businesses who helped make 2020 an incredibly successful year for the United Way NWT

The United way would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to this campaign Yellowknife Community Foundation,Yellowknife Co op, The Otto and Marie Pick Foundation,Rotary Club of Yellowknife, Global Storm IT, Det’on Cho Corporation, Gwich’in land Development , JK Cleaning, Scotiabank and Gold Terra Team and all of the community members who donated personally.

-Megan Kennedy Chair of The United Way NWT’s COVID-19 Committee

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