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We Are Here for You

We Are Here for You

Big River Service Centre is here for you during the good and the bad times. Although the current world situation meant they weren’t able to stay open as much as they would like, that’s no longer the case. With diligent cleaning, and new changes there isn’t anything keeping them from always being there for you!

Humble Starts

Back in 1950, a couple, they go by the name Arychuk, started Big River Service Centre as a place to change and replace tires. One day Mrs. Arychuk realized hard working people get a hard working appetite, and she opened a restaurant to feed those appetites. Over the years Big River Service Centre has gone from the Arychuks, to Ziggy, to Don Plant, and has been under The Metis Council of Fort Providence ownership since 2002. It started as a small place to change a tire when needed, to becoming one of Fort Providence’s highest employers!

New Tech and Partners


Although you couldn’t get gas the way you were used to in August, Big River Service Centre had a very good reason to change things up! With new gas pumps and a partnership with Petro Canada, you can now pay at the pumps. That means getting gas is Faster, Easier, and most importantly… safer.

An added bonus to Big River Service Centre’s partnership with Petro Canada? Lower price on gas!

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The New Normal

Big River Service Centre is always looking at new ways to provide the same amazing service, while keeping everyone safe. They are open 7AM to 11PM for now, but as soon as it’s safe they will expand their hours to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold.

Following Health Authority Protocols, stringent cleaning procedures, Social Distance guide stickers, and a constant preparedness for any other COVID Challenges, Big River Service Centre is well prepared for whatever this “New Normal” throws their way!

Take care of vehicle and yourself


The “Service Centre” in Big River Service Centre is a well-earned title! Keep your vehicle and grill gassed up; while getting filled up yourself at the sit down restaurant. Take out Options Available. Get all the car supplies and snack to keep make a long road trip feel a lot shorter.

Or make a weekend of it and come to Big River Service Centre for the incredible camping, fishing, and views! Right off the Mackenzie River, you’d be hard pressed to find a more picturesque service centre!

It’s not the River that makes them special

Throughout the years, owners, and challenges there’s been one thing that has always made Big River Service Centre special. As cheesy as it is… the thing that make them so special is you! This year has proven that more than ever. With highway closures, reduced hours, and the building of the Deh Cho Bridge, Big River Service Centre has had their fair share of hurdles to overcome. But it was with your, and the communities, continued support that saw them through tough times.

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Big River Service Centre could not be prouder to be a part of the Fort Providence community, and are more dedicated than ever to making sure they’re there for you the moment you need them!

Big River Service Centre – on Highway 3 and Facebook!


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