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Equipping Young People for Work and Life

Equipping Young People for Work and Life

New technologies, never-ending supplies of information and new societal trends are all contributing to an ever-changing global landscape. One which young people not only have to adapt to now, but will need to continue to evolve with, throughout their lives.

It can all be rather intimidating. And with only 7% of Canadian Youth meeting the Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Guidelines, There is a program with the vision to inspire and promote lifelong improvement for all young Canadians by encouraging personal development and achievement… Outside The Classroom!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an International program available in 140 countries, offering youth ages 14 to 24 a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-development, builds confidence and broaden skills and experiences to further their growth as active, responsible citizens. The award is customized to meet the unique demands of each participant. Anyone can participate. Any physical abilities. Any mental abilities. Any economic status. Any ethnicity. Any religion. Any social status. Any background.

The key to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is building personal empowerment in youth through community engagement. Volunteering in the Community builds Leadership, Confidence, Self-Esteem and Resiliency. The Award inspires active community members, People getting Physically Active, Developing New Skills and Enjoying Adventurous Journeys.

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award holders have shown continued involvement in community activities, along with a Higher expectation rate of Graduating from High School and enrolling in post-secondary education.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has four components, with a fifth component at the Gold level. After the participants register for their Award, they choose activities for each component, then work to achieve the personal goal they set. Each level has different time commitments- a minimum of 6 months for Bronze, 12 months for Silver and 18 months for Gold.

87% of participants felt more confident about themselves as a result of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Students 14 to 24 are encouraged to join the 100 current participants in the Northwest Territories, 50 000 Canadians and 8 million Participants Worldwide determined to meet goals they set themselves to earn The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

#WorldReady exists to drive awareness and discussion around how as a global society we can help young people ensure they are ready for their world – whatever their world may look like.

Visit www.dukeofed.org and be sure to follow the #WorldReady Campaign, or you can contact Sophie Kirby – NWt/NU Program Officer at [email protected] if the program interests you.

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