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YK Gold & Silver – Yellowknife’s Educator in the Open & Honest Exchange of Precious Metals!

Yellowknife’s Educator in the Open & Honest Exchange of Precious Metals!

Since 600 B.C. gold and silver have been the go-to elements for currency, starting with Lydian coins and sticking around for over 2500 years!

Part of why gold, silver, & other precious metals have lasted so long as a valid form of currency is because they check off several boxes including: how acceptable it is, how easy it is to transport, how durable it is, and naturally how valuable it is.

Unfortunately, for as long as gold and silver have been used as money, there’s been a growing “stigma” towards those who buy and sell precious metals that they’re all about quick cash and “take it or leave it prices”.

What Makes YK Different?

Fortunately, many independent stores and store owners (like Jake Olson, founder of YK Gold & Silver and fellow Yellowknifer for over 15 years) make it their own personal mission to change the unforgiving stigma – by offering their customers an outstanding, open, and honest experience every time!

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At YK Gold & Silver they’re not looking to make quick cash, they’re a serious Gold and Silver exchange that strives to educate every client on EXACTLY what they’re getting. Jake and his team will let the client know every step of the testing process, so they have the knowledge of what the final price means and how Jake’s team came up with that number.  All while offering some of the highest payable rates in Canada!

What YK Gold & Silver does helps customers put down payments on new homes, pay down debts, and utilize money in better ways than just letting it gather dust in a bank.

It’s Not Just a Necklace!

Best of all, YK Gold & Silver truly understands that parting ways with an important medal or precious piece of jewellery can have sentimental feelings attached to it!

That’s why Jake and his team will provide the open and understanding kind of service you’re looking for when the time comes… not just ask you questions from across bulletproof glass.

The Goal

The “ULTIMATE” end goal for YK Gold & Silver since they opened in 2015 has been to renew a sense of the gold rush in the City of Yellowknife!

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That means:

  • Providing a comfortable atmosphere where customers feel safe, and protected in a friendly, non-intimidating environment.
  • Spending as much time as it takes to carefully and painstakingly inspect every single piece to be as detailed and confident as possible about the percentage of precious metal in the items.

Because at the end of the day there’s a BIG difference between whether a piece is sterling silver or 14K white gold!

And when Jake Olson presents a price – not only does he want it to be accurate, he also wants it to be the highest price in Yellowknife and Canada Wide guaranteed!

And since YK Gold & Silver operates on an appointment and house call structure to ensure minimal operational costs, they’re able to prioritize the most important thing – you the customer!

It’s All About You!

YK Gold & Silver is here to be an involved partner in the community and to embrace Yellowknife’s incredible heritage! Not only offering exchange services, but also manufacturing business and individual products for anything from art shows to edible gold leafs.

For more info or to set up an appointment – contact Jake Olson and the team at YK Gold & Silver by calling (867)-446-9209, emailing [email protected], or visiting them online at

Jake Olson
Email: [email protected]

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