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Rob Warburton

Rob Warburton, who currently serves on Yellowknife City Council, has had a passion for real estate for over a decade. He loves getting different properties and breathing new life into them. His latest project is also one of his most ambitious. That project being the renovation of the Northern Lights Motel here in Yellowknife.

I’m not a developer. I repurpose and refocus property. I don’t build things from new, there’s a lot of people that do that much better than me. So let them do that. This opportunity came up and I could see what it could be, which was, you know, more housing units as opposed to. The old motel, it was notoriously.

Rob’s always had a passion for this kind of work. Even before his time on council, he helped out a local nonprofit group find a space that helped to maximize their office, residential and program spaces.

So everything we do in a community is, is based in a building of some kind. You know, you go to school, you go to work, you have a home. It’s all based in building at the core. And I could just see our community was like, it really struggles to use space really well. And there’s this like bit of disconnect between like we have, we have actually quite a bit of space in town. Not as much vacant space as people would think there is, but there is better ways, to use places.

The renovation of the Northern Lights Motel is also Rob’s way of giving back to the community he loves so much.

The only reason I can take this leap and kind of do something that large for me is because of the support I have here and not just contractors and those folks. You know, it’s knowing that I got help at home if I need to stay late and do something else. You know, if I have an obstacle, I have enough really good friends and community here that I can just reach out. I’m not worried about looking stupid or you know, not looking slick enough. I can reach out and get that support from people. Real Estate’s mobile. I can invest it anywhere, but I wanna do it here.This is my home and it’s a place I want to invest in. I think I wanna make better.

– Rob Warburton

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