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Violet Fodor

Violet Fodor is a Northern artist that came to the NWT from Toronto and her passion for art started when a stranger turned family friend became her own personal Art tutor.

“I was around seven years old, and my family had a deli business in downtown Toronto. And a local artist became like our family friend. And he used to come by a couple times a week and he’d always had like paper and markers, couple times a week. I just had this impromptu one on one little, tutoring hangout session. It was kind of like the first time I’d ever been, I guess, introduced to just strictly doing art. And, it was like so much fun for me. And he taught me to sign and date every piece of art that I created. I cannot remember his name, but I hope he knows, you know, he had a big impact on me.”

Artistic inspiration can come from so many aspects of the Northwest Territories, like its incredible animals or its deep culture and history. But Violet finds the most inspiration in the Territories’ incredible landscape.

“How it just feels very ancient, very weathered, very eroded and something about it speaks to me. And I think there’s something about it that speaks to a lot of people up here because I’ve just seen so many artists and craftspeople; there must be something up here that just brings us here and helps us, to be inspired.”

Sometimes Violet can get really in the, making a certain painting and she enters what she would call a flow state.

“Where it just happens spontaneously and easily really surprised at what I end up with. Because I had no idea it was in me or it was gonna turn out that way. It can be really fun”- Violet Fodor, Northern Artist

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