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Territory stalls as it nears necessary vaccination threshold

In what has been the slowest vaccination week of the year so far, the NWT remains at both 72 percent fully vaccinated and 77 percent partially vaccinated.

Only 284 residents received the second dose of the vaccine for the week ending August 7th, the lowest recorded number since vaccines became available. As for first doses, only 150 residents received a shot.

This was the first week that the total number of residents receiving a second dose of the vaccine was below 500.

This means 31,283 residents have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while 33,446 first doses have also been delivered to residents.

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MyTrueNorthNow.com have reached out to the health department to ask about the sudden decline in vaccinations but have yet to hear back.

Just last week, the GNWT launched a “drive to 75%” campaign encouraging NWT residents to make the push to reach the threshold. The drive included additional vaccine clinic opportunities, and ongoing promotions through the month of August.

In preparation for the initiative, Health Minister Julie Green said vaccine supplies were mobilized in every NWT community.

“Access to the vaccine is now as simple as calling local health centres, or using the COVID Vaccine Request form to get a vaccination,” she stated at the time.

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