Almost 70 per cent of territory at least partially vaccinated

A Dettah man receives his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. (Photo by Bailey Moreton/
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The GNWT says that as of June 8th, 62 per cent of the NWT is fully vaccinated with 69 per cent being partially vaccinated.

24,881 residents have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, up almost 1000 from this time last week.

30,197 first doses have also been delivered to NWT residents, up over 600 from last week.

The numbers come in as the GNWT is getting ready to release an updated version of the Emerging Wisely plan.

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Late last month, Health Minister Julie Green said that while a high vaccination rate is important moving forward, it is not the only thing the CPHO will be looking at when updating the plan.

Community-level vaccination data shows that while the overall NWT vaccination rate looks strong, it is fairly heavily influenced by 75 per cent of the eligible population in Yellowknife being partially vaccinated while 68 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Fort Smith is the only other region above the territory average with 71 per cent being partially vaccinated while 67 per cent are fully vaccinated.

The Dehcho region has similar vaccination rates to the territory as a whole with 69 per cent being partially vaccinated and 61 per cent fully vaccinated.

The Beaufort Delta and Hay River regions trail behind with a full vaccination rate under 60 per cent.

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65% of the Beaufort Delta population are partially vaccinated with Hay River at 64 per cent. Both regions have 57 per cent of their population fully vaccinated.

Things are more dire in the Sahtu and Tlicho regions as both share a partial vaccination rate of 56 per cent while only 49 per cent in the Sahtu and 46 per cent in Tlicho are fully vaccinated.

There is also a disparity in the territory when it comes to percentage of vaccines received by gender.

Women in the NWT are 71 per cent partially vaccinated and 66 per cent fully vaccinated while the men are 66 per cent partially vaccinated and 59 per cent fully vaccinated.

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As expected, since elder residents are more at risk of COVID and received the vaccine first, vaccination rates are much higher among those aged 60+.

Those over the age of 70 are between 93-100 per cent fully vaccinated while residents aged 60-69 are between 77-78 per cent fully vaccinated.

Residents aged 35-60 are on par with the territory average as they are between 61-69 per cent fully vaccinated. Residents aged 30-35 are just a bit below with 56 per cent having been fully vaccinated.

A couple months ago, Green stated that there was a lull in vaccine uptake and directly attributed it to residents under the age of 30.

That continues to hold true as residents aged 18-29 are currently well below the rest of the population with vaccination rates between 38-46 per cent.

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