Northern Artists: The Housemen

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For This True North Tale I sat down with a local band The Housemen, Their Bassist Allan Yeoman told me how Him, Trevor Sinclaire, and Jeff Sleno came together to form The Housemen

“We started a stay-at-home dad’s lunch and Trevor and I were there and then Jeff showed up and we discovered that Jeff could sing and play guitar. Trevor and I had already been jamming together as a rhythm section for a while and so it was an easy transition to forming a band” – Allan Yeoman, Bassist for The Housemen

Jeff Sleno, songwriter for The Housemen gave me some background on their new track ” Fake and Coloured Lies”

“I wrote “Fake and Coloured Lies” when I was about sixteen or seventeen living in Alberta. And it’s not specifically about Alberta but more the theme of not belonging and wanting to make a change. At that time I was seventeen without a truck and without a piece of land and I was getting the pull to get away from Alberta and start my own life. The song started from there I played it for a bit with another band I was apart of in university. But then I got married and put my music aside to concentrate on raising my kids and then after meeting Allan and Trevor it gave me a new surge of inspiration and we went back to the song added a bridge and fixed it up then added Wesley Hardisty who just brought the whole song up to a new level.”

– Jeff Sleno, Songwriter for The Housemen

Drummer for The Housemen Trevor Sinclair tells me their new track wouldn’t be what it is today without the creative help of another northern artist

“it was Wesley Hardisty on fiddle and jeff had mentioned him he’s just an amazing musician it was really great because we had all of our parts recorded so Wesleyjust came into the studio sat down we played the song and he just did his part over top and he is truly a great professional”

-Trevor Sinclair, Drummer for The Housemen

Check out The Housemen’s Website:

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Check out The Housemen’s Facebook:

Check out Wesley Hardisty’s Facebook

Check out the music video for Fake and Coloured Lies

Listen To The Full TNT Here!

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