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Her road to recovery has not been an easy one, but through the support of her family, her friends and the Yellowknife community, Maggie Carson has overcome every obstacle put in front of her.

In December of 2016, Maggie then age 12, was at a gymnastics competition in Vancouver when she was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour.

Once she found out the tumor was benign, all Maggie could think about was getting back to normal, something that was quite a challenge.

“Getting back to my physical health, just getting back to where I was after treatment and surgeries. It was a lot of self motivation as well. I had to pick myself up.”

As you would expect, the second Yellowknife found out about Maggie, they reached out in droves to offer her and her family any help they needed, including starting a GoFundMe page. Before it closed, it had raised $22,600 in donations in just a week. Her father Rod, was overwhelmed by the support

“Right from day one when we found out about it and we started the journey, Yellowknife rallied right around us And like I said at the time it’s just classic Yellowknife. I think we should all be really proud having our community who time and time again, have come out and supported families in need.”

At only 16, Maggie is not quite sure yet what the future holds in store, but her attitude towards it has remained positive throughout.

“I have nothing specific really planned for the future yet, the future is kind of wavy right now, but definitely graduating and trying to stay in the positive mindset.”

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