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New parking meters appear in YK, nine-hour meter cost drops

New parking meters are appearing in some downtown Yellowknife areas this month.

The city is introducing nine-hour meters to 51st, 52nd and 53rd Streets, while also changing some two-hour meters to nine hours. Two-hour meters on sections of 47th, 48th , 49th and 50th Streets will become nine-hour meters.

Meanwhile, the rate you pay for nine-hour meters has dropped. The cost is now $0.75 per hour, down from $1.25 per hour.

“Earlier this year, we talked to council about putting in some nine-hour meters for people to park all day and keep them away from business and office areas,” explained Dennis Marchiori, from the City of Yellowknife.

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“We also made the nine-hour meters at a lower rate to try to encourage people to park there for the day if they’re working in the downtown core.”

More information: Map of the new parking meter locations (pdf)

Marchiori says two-hour meters will stay in front of most businesses, but many meters in front of residential areas will now switch to the nine-hour format.

“That was both in response to a bit of feedback and also to try to make it an incentive for people to move away from the two-hour meters,” he said.

City Hall will offer a parking pass for use at the nine-hour meters from November 16. The pass will cost $120 per month or $1,200 for a full year.

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