Election 2015: NWT’s federal candidates have their final say

Federal election candidates
2015 federal election candidates John Moore (Green), left, Dennis Bevington (New Democrat), Floyd Roland (Conservative), Michael McLeod (Liberal).
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With just one full day remaining before the Northwest Territories goes to the polls, Moose FM spoke to all four federal election candidates.

Below, you can hear 10-minute interviews with New Democrat Dennis Bevington, Liberal Michael McLeod, Conservative Floyd Roland and Green candidate John Moore.

Each candidate makes a final pitch to Northern voters while dealing with issues that arose during their campaigns.

Bevington faces the NDP’s fading figures in the national polls; McLeod explains why some of his promises didn’t tally with the national Liberal platform; Roland is asked why he decided to skip a high-profile public forum for candidates; and Moore, admitting his party cannot win nationally, argues that a vote for him still counts.

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John Moore, Green Party

Floyd Roland, Conservative Party

Michael McLeod, Liberal Party

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Dennis Bevington, New Democratic Party

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