N.W.T health officials stand by earlier smoke safety advice

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Yellowknife, NWT – The Chief Public Health Officer for the Northwest Territories says smoke conditions are unlikely to improve anytime soon around Yellowknife, which is why it’s important for residents to take proper precautions.

Doctor Andre Corriveau maintains that all residents should avoid strenuous activities outdoors and spend as much time indoors as possible when smoke conditions are poor.

Corriveau says women carrying children should also take extra precautions.

“There is an increased risk during pregnancy which is why we advise that pregnant women don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke and certainly forest fire smoke is comparable to second-hand smoke. In the literature these conditions make for slightly riskier conditions.”

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Corriveau says outdoor workers should take frequent breaks and spend as much time indoors as possible.

For healthy individuals, Corriveau says most of the damage caused by wildfire smoke is reversible.

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