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Structure Protection and Water Bombing Continue in Wood Buffalo Fire

After several months, crews are still struggling to contain the fire in the Wood Buffalo Complex.

The latest update has the fire measured at 485,159 hectares. Continuing warm and dry conditions make the area ripe for fire spread. A chance of rain is predicted in the forecast, but it is not expected to be enough to turn the tide. High levels of smoke across the South Slave region are hindering crew activities, and are keeping air vehicles out of the sky.

Helicopter bucketing efforts have continued when conditions allow, attacking hotspots and flare ups. While there is still much work to be done, the risk to the town of Fort Smith has been reduced, and officials are working on lifting the evacuation order for the area. The fire currently sits 3.4 km away from Fort Smith at its closest point.

Crews are also working to secure the perimeters around Thebacha, Bell Rock, Bordertown and Fort Fitzgerald before residents of those communities can return. Crews continue to work hard on suppressing the fire in these areas and are making good progress. The fire near Thebacha sits only 0.3 km away. Crews are using aerial and ignition techniques to help remove forest fuel along the perimeter, and are continuing to make sure structures are protected.

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