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Brie O’Keefe of Flora And The Fireweeds

What’s in a name? what an artist or a group calls themselves is a big part of their creative journey. And Brie O’Keefe of Flora And The Fireweeds. Explain that calling herself Flora while performing came from a very unusual place.

You wouldn’t think it, but the name Brie actually causes me lots of problems when I’m trying to book restaurant reservations or just leave a name at Starbucks or places like that. And so I went into a Starbucks in London once and they asked my name for my drink and I said, why don’t you just put Dragon? He goes, that’s not your name. And I said, yeah, I know, but my name is Complicated. And he looked at me and went, I’m gonna give you a name. And he looked at me for a little longer and then he said, you’re Flora. And so Flora has been the name I use for any kind of booking online or any reservation in a loud place. If I yell that name, it goes down a lot easier than Brie. And it became kind of my alter ego

Brie, who’s a Northerner through and through, wanted the rest of her band’s name to match the beautiful area they all love so much.

I actually, Considered Flora And The Float-Planes for a while, but settled on Fireweeds, it’s a female-led band for the most part, so kind of went with a more feminine vision. So that’s where the name came from.

Brie’s year has already been pretty busy with the band already releasing its first EP this year and with her getting ready to become a parent

and we have funding to record a second ap, so I have some songwriting to do so for the rest of the year, I think it is play a few. Figure out my life with the baby and the band and then keep on going forward. – Brie O’Keefe of Flora And The Fireweeds

Listen to the TNT here!

Learn more about the band here 

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