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Council unanimously passes first reading of civic holiday by-law

Yellowknife City Council held their first in-person meeting since the end of the city workers strike today to discuss sevral topics including whether to approve a by-law to grant a civic holiday for this year’s YKDFN Spring carnival.

This year’s carnival is the first to allow anyone to attend, even those outside of Yellowknife’s Dene First Nation.

Mayor Alty and several councilors supported allowing a full-day civic holiday; however, due to the Cities, Towns and Villages act only a half day may be granted for civic holidays.

Council presented the memorandum regarding whether to present a by-law to declare a half day civic holiday on March 31 to allow Yellowknifers to spend time at the Dene First Nation Spring Carnival in Dettah.

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“Supporting a civic holiday in 2023 will encourage Yellowknifers to get out and enjoy spring and the YKDFN Spring Carnival.” City Manager Sheila Bassi-Kellett said in today’s meeting.

Support for the by-law was voted unanimously in favour by councilors, and the by-law will be approved if the second and third reading have the same result later today.

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