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Crooked Whisker Pet Supplies and True North FM want to help more animals get adopted from the NWT SPCA. This week for Wet Nose Wednesday we are showcasing Ducky!

“Ducky is a sweet, affectionate, and vocal cat who loves attention. She ADORES scratches on her cheeks, chest and on the base of her tail, and is a professional napper, often joining ongoing naps with those around her. Ducky also likes being brushed and will follow you anywhere. She is very excitable and is happy to see you whether you come home from a long day of work or just opening the bedroom door. She takes well to new people and surroundings and makes fast friends with guests. Her favourite toys consist of crumpled paper and the like, as well as mouse-shaped playthings. She does well with baths and doesn’t put up much of a fuss when it’s time to clip her nails. She is loyal and if you choose to have Ducky in your life you will forever have a best friend.”

If you or someone you know would love to bring Ducky home email [email protected]
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