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GNWT Releases Results of Patient Experience Questionnaire

The GNWT recently released the 2022 NWT Patient Experience Report, which includes feedback from inpatient and outpatient questionnaires completed between March 7, 2022 and May 16, 2022.

Highlighted findings include:

· 59% rated overall quality of service as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, 21% said it was “Fair”, and 20% said it was “Poor”, or “Very poor”.

· 74% reported feeling that the facility they visited was a safe space in the community.

· 69% reported their treatment or procedure was clearly explained.

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· 59% reported that they felt their individual needs, preferences, and cultural values or traditions were taken into consideration or accommodated by staff.

· 78% reported they would feel comfortable returning to the health care provider they saw if their condition got worse, if they needed more information, or for a follow-up.

Results from the questionnaire help identify where the NWT Health and Social Services system is doing well and where opportunities for continuous quality improvement exist.

The Patient Experience Questionnaire is part of the Health and Social Services System’s monitoring and reporting system. It is one tool used to measure patient experience, a key aspect of service quality. Interpretation of the data should be carefully considered as the results provide only a snapshot of the patient experience within the study timeframe and may not be reflective of the overall population experience.

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