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Nikolai Deleff

I spoke with Nikolai Deleff for a True North Tale, and we talked about a lot of interesting things, like when he decided he wanted to become an author.

I guess I wanted to become an author when I realized that I had like a story to tell, something I wanted to share, like this profound sense of gratitude I had gained and, share that through a story. And so that was really the most sort of natural way of me entering, becoming like an author.

The first book that Nikolai wrote was a children’s storybook called The Bear and Ivory. And like other artists I’ve spoken to, Nikolai loves getting to create works for kids.

It’s a lot of fun creating children’s books. I knew specifically doing a picture book would call on my strengths as as an artist . So creating the pictures was by far. What I enjoyed the most doing it. And as for children’s books, yeah, I feel like there’s a lot of creativity that can go into it. You know, talking animals, inanimate objects that come to life. It’s a playground of creativity really.

Nikolai’s passion for art started when he was younger and it’s only grown as he is got older and his notebook continues to be filled with drawings and ideas for future books.

I would say I got my passion for art really through like at a young age actually. It was just something, you know, drawing, sketching in my, in a sketchbook, something I did whenever I was upset or you know, stressed out or anything. So it was really my go-to thing. But also I really enjoyed reading stories about like, you know, Geronimo Stillton , and, and drawing characters from, from Star Wars. But yeah, I, I definitely have. A ton of ideas that, you know, trying to create stories out of, it’s a very playful and fun thing to do.

-Nikolai Deleff, Northern Author 

You can check out Nikolai’s book or his artwork here

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