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Rotary Wreaths Fundraiser Adapts to Cost Increase

The Rotary Club of Yellowknife is once again holding a wreath sale for the holiday season, though their prices are expected to rise.

James O’Connor, public relations director for the Club, explained in a statement that while the Rotary Wreaths campaign will still take place this year, it hasn’t been able to escape the effects of inflation. The wreaths will have a slightly higher price, and the Club’s earnings from the sale will be reduced.

“So, we had to make a decision: cancel the popular program, disappoint our customers and lose proceeds for our programs; or find a way to move forward. The Club chose the latter and while we did manage to negotiate that increase down a bit, the cost is still much higher than we’ve incurred previously.” James added.

This year, the Club is asking for $70 per wreath. While they said that they weren’t able to order as many wreaths for this year’s sale, they will still be coming from the same supplier, and the Club gave their assurance that buyers will still be receiving a quality Balsam Fir wreath, shipped fresh frozen, individually bagged and boxed with decorations ready to use.

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Posters will soon be seen around the city that contain QR codes for residents to purchase a wreath. Residents can also purchase wreaths, and find more information, by clicking here.

Club members will be selling tickets at the Co-op grocery store on Nov. 6 and Nov. 12 and at other local events.

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