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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Gahcho Kue’ Launches Community Voice Fund

Non-profit organizations in Yellowknife and Hay River will now have the chance to have their voices heard.

The Gahcho Kue’ Mine, in partnership with De Beers Group, Mountain Province Diamonds, and MyTrueNorthNow have officially launched the Community Voice Fund. Each month until September 2023, a new charity will be selected to receive one month of ads, starting October 5, 2022. The 30 second spots will be professionally produced by MyTrueNorthNow.

Terry Kruger, a spokesperson for the Community Fund, explained the inspiration behind this initiative.

“Earlier this year, Gahcho Kue’ Mine provided a one carat diamond to Inclusion NWT to support a raffle that they were holding. It was important to us that the organization raise as much money as possible. Obviously, they’re a great group, they raise a lot of money for their clientele and their community, so we thought about how else we can help. So, we sponsored a series of radio ads on MyTrueNorthNow, and we hope that that helps them raise over $16,000 towards their cause through the raffle.”

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He added that they saw a greater opportunity than just giving a diamond or a cash donation, and were looking for other ways to help. The Gahcho Kue’ Mine recognized that there are many more worthwhile organizations and charities between Yellowknife and Hay River. Many of these groups spend a majority of their funding on helping the people in their communities.

“We hope that by providing a month’s worth of radio ads, that those organizations can do even more. Maybe they’re hosting a raffle, or doing a community event or a fundraiser, or maybe they just need volunteers. This is another way to get their message out that maybe they didn’t have the resources to fullfill.”

Kruger also shared what some of his ambitions and hopes for this project are.

“We’re looking to do this over the next year, just to see how it works out. We’ve never done this before on this scale, so we want to see how it goes, and hopefully between now and November of next year, a dozen different organizations can do some really great work.”

Applications can be filled out on MyTrueNorthNow.com by clicking here.

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