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YK Fire Chief Shares Fire Safety Tips

Fire Prevention Week is almost over, but Yellowknife’s Fire Chief Nelson Johnson had a few extra tips to share on Friday morning.

Chief Johnson explained that fire prevention can be practiced in more places than just the home.

“Fire prevention is important being at home, at work, or even out on your leisure activities. You should always know at least two ways out, so take a look around. We have common incidents that happen at work or in an enjoyment place such as a restaurant or shopping centre is that everyone heads to the same entrance to exit from. So it’s very important when you’re in there, to take a look around to see if there are other exits.”

Chief Johnson was also able to speak to several schools in the area, and he shared some tips with them as well. One of the most important pieces of advice he shared was to be aware of what your fire alarm sounds like.

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“We start our conversations with what does a fire alarm sound like, how to get up in an orderly fashion, follow and listen, know your way out, plan two ways out, and then to be able to understand what to do if it is smoky, and how to make sure that you exit the school.”

Chief Johnson also had some tips for people who may live in high rise apartment buildings. He explains that as soon as you here a fire alarm, you should be on your feet. Have multiple escape routes planned, grab your phone, and get out. Once you are out, call 911, and do not go back in to the building. If you cannot get out of the building, find a safe spot somewhere inside. Go to your bedroom and close the door. Get next to a window if you can, open it, and stay near it.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do in the event of a fire. Fortunately, Chief Johnson made it clear that he and his firefighters can lend a hand.

“Be fire safe. Be fire wise, and if you’re not sure what fire safety is in your home, you can always contact us and we’ll come out and do a little survey and help you understand some of the fire safety and provide some education to you.”

Chief Johnson reminds everyone that in the event of a fire, the first thing you should do is contact 911, rather than make a post on social media.

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