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Some Comments from Folk on the Rocks 2022

Folk on the Rocks 2022 is now over, but there is still more to share.

We spoke with many different people over the course of the weekend, and wanted to share their thoughts on how the festival was going.

Carly McFadden, the Executive and Creative Director or FOTR, shared her reaction to seeing people stick around during the extreme rain experienced on Saturday.

“That was very heartwarming. We all thought that the sight was about to completely clear out, but it really didn’t. A few people of course went home, but for the most part, a lot of people even stuck through the torrential downpour to watch artists on all of our stages across the site. It was actually kind of a beautiful moment.”

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In a quick chat before his performance, Michael Peter Olson shared some details about his unique instrument; the electric cello.

“Well, it’s like a cello that looks like a little stick that’s strapped on to me. It’s kinda minimal looking, and there’s a lot of pedals. It creates a big sort of, trance-y, psychedelic, trippy kind of world to sit in.”

This was one of Michael’s first times visiting Yellowknife, and he shared some of what he was enjoying about the city, and Folk on the Rocks.

“I’ve just been seeing a lot of great music, and up until this moment, the weather’s been fantastic. It’s also nice to have it be daytime all day, and not worry about it being dark. It’s pretty sweet.”

Kalilah Rampanen also shared some words with us. She gave a brief summary of what her music is like.

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“I never know how to describe my music. I like to tell stories through my music, and that’s my avenue of kinda talking about things I care about, or want to put into the world, so I just hope people listen and take something from that. that’s all I can hope for.”

This was the first time in a while that Kalilah was able to perform live. She added that she was excited for the opportunity to listen to other musicians, and even possibly meet and have a chat with them.

A busy weekend to say the least, Folk on the Rocks saw a significant portion of Yellowknife’s population pass through, as well as visitors from neighbouring provinces. With all the excitement that was seen this weekend, here’s hoping that next year’s event is even better!

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