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Military Drills to be Conducted Near YK In March

Citizens of Yellowknife may notice a few extra military operatives in the area next month.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command will be conducting arctic air defense drills in March. The operation, known as NOBLE DEFENDER, will see military aircraft and personnel from both Canada and the United States conduct exercises at several locations across the country’s arctic environments.

While one of these drills will be conducted close to Yellowknife, they will largely take place in areas with very low populations, and at high altitudes, so it is highly unlikely that Yellowknife residents will see or hear any of their aircrafts.

These drills are scheduled to take place from March 14th to the 17th. All participating military personnel are required to be fully vaccinated, and participating personnel travelling from outside Canada will receive a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test before departing their home bases.

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