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NWT SPCA Receives $15,000 for Betty White Challenge

The NWT SPCA has just been made a part of the legacy of a beloved icon.

As 2021 drew to a close, the world was shocked to hear of the passing of legendary actress, Betty White. The former star of The Golden Girls was 99 years old, and to say that she lived a full life would likely be an understatement.

While Betty White was a long standing advocate for causes like racial justice, and LGBT rights, it was her love for animals that inspired groups and individuals all across the country to help cement her legacy after her passing.

Across social media, the idea of the #BettyWhiteChallenge was spread, and the idea was rather simple; on January 17th, (Betty White’s 100th Birthday) send a donation to a local animal shelter, or similar animal welfare group.

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It seems that the Northwest Territories heard the message. As a result of the Betty white Challenge, the NWT SPCA received over $15,000.

In fact, they received so many donations, that their standard donation service reached its limit, and other methods had to be set up on the fly. Donations weren’t just being received from the NWT, but also from B.C., Ontario, and even as far as Nova Scotia.

Nicole Spencer, the President of the NWT SPCA, explained how it felt to be a part of this campaign, and a part of Betty White’s incredible legacy.

“Every person knows Betty white, and I’m sure she’s in Heaven, looking down, so thrilled that she has raised, in her name a million and a half dollars across Canada. It was an honour to be a part of it, and to share in that with so many other rescues, and like-minded people. I think that’s the take-away; that this lady was loved so much, and it connected all of these people, and rescues in Canada.”

Spencer added that this may very well become an annual fundraising event.

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“Yes, absolutely. We’ve seen comments from people and other rescues, ‘I hope you make this an annual event,’ and the NWT SPCA will surely make this an annual event. January 17th will be the Betty White Challenge.”

Spencer finished by saying that this fundraising came at a good time, since the weeks after Christmas are usually much slower for them.

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