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Junn Gesmundo of Inclusion NWT

For This True North Tale, I sat down with The Manager of Employment Services for Inclusion NWT Junn Gesmundo. And at the start of our chat Junn tells me what inclusion NWT is and what his department does.

So we are a nonprofit organization and we are part of a bigger organization called inclusion Canada. We’re used to be called the Yellowknife Association for Community Living just because Inclusion Canada changed their name the rest of the country from Yukon all the way to Newfoundland will be changing their name to Inclusion and then whatever territory or province they are and then yeah for here at Inclusion NWT. So we just help and support people with intellectual and other disabilities and their families. So we are here to help them live a meaningful life and just be active in all aspects of Community life. So the department that I work for is called employment services and we just provide basic employment needs for the many who don’t have the resources so that can be help and then update their resume or undo job searching with them just physically see, what’s the type of work they’re interested in and then we try to job search through their skill set. And what type of work they’re interested in. And then we go back and forth and then we make a plan on what’s best to move on because sometimes some individuals are not sure what type of work they want to get into so before we get into that we have a bit of a discussion with them. So we can create a plan for them. So it’s good for them long term as well. So that’s the beginning part of what we do here at Inclusion

During our chat without naming them, Junn tells me some of the businesses that he set up his job seekers with you never.

You never know maybe at a local coffee shop here and one of our job seekers have made your latte or someone at a local flower shop did your flower arrangements and one of our jobseekers worked at a local hotel. Maybe they cleaned up your hotel room. So we do have a lot of people out there that you might not think have a disability but they’re out there working and making a contribution to the employers at their job.

And to finish off my chat with Junn Gesmundo of Inclusion NWT. He tells me why he thinks businesses should get a job seeker from Inclusion NWT

I think is a good thing to do. But I think it’s the correct thing to do. Especially if employers or business have such a high turnover rate because many of our job seekers do look forward to going to work every day. And then they also boost morale just because they’re they’re always happy and smiling. So some of our nonverbal jobseekers that we have, that we support when they actually go to the workplace. Sometimes they’re so happy that they’re singing or humming underneath their breath and then when they have a little bit a moment they’re dancing, just because they’re just excited to be there. It’s always a good thing to see when both employers and job seekers that we provide support are happy and that’s what we want to get that message out there and create that awareness as well.- Junn Gesmundo The Manager of Employment Services for Inclusion NWT

Listen to the full TNT here:

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