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New Management Plan In Place for Bathurst Caribou Herd

The Bathurst Caribou herd has just been given a chance to make their return.

It has just been announced that the Bathurst Caribou Advisory Committee, which is made up of up to 14 different public and indigenous groups, have released their new “Bathurst Caribou Management Plan.” This plan aims to provide short-term recovery for the animals, as well as long-term resilience strategies.

Some of the practices that this strategy will put in place include providing support for sustainable and culturally respectful harvesting of caribou, manage land use and disturbance to caribou so the herd is conserved within its natural range, use scientific and Indigenous knowledge to manage the impact of predators on caribou in a way that respects northern values, and so on.

These strategies were formed after the Bathurst Caribou Advisory Committee took in to account how many animals are in the herd, and whether or not that number is increasing or decreasing. More aggressive ideas are being kept in mind should the population of the herd drops considerably.

The Committee will take an annual look at how the herd is doing, and will adjust their strategies accordingly. The Bathurst herd status has been at critical low since 2015, after decreasing by around 98 percent since 1986.

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