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Acasta HeliFlights Making Several Large Donations Throughout December

A local helicopter touring business is helping to spread some holiday cheer, one day, and business, at a time.

For every day in December, leading up to Christmas, Acasta HeliFlight Inc. has been giving out $500 donations to various charities and organizations across Yellowknife and the NWT.

This is the first time that the company has done a holiday charity event like this, and Adam Bembridge, the President of Acasta HeliFlights, gave a quick rundown of why the decided to do it.

“It’s just a way of identifying what we felt were valued charities within our communities and the Northwest Territories. So we decided to offset a very challenging year with COVID for everybody who lives in the North.”

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Bembridge explained hat he was inspired to take on this campaign by an old friend of his in Ontario. Bembridge reached out, and asked if Acasta could do a similar event in the North. The friend and his wife, who originally came up with the idea, agreed.

While the specific idea may not have been his own, Bembridge still had the desire to help the community.

“I think it’s been a complicated year for a lot of businesses, and the city, so we just felt the timing was perfect, and that a lot of charities fundraise into specific events or initiatives, but we thought that this would be a nice surprise in December to receive.”

All of the money that is being donated comes straight from Acasta; no fundraising was done in order to collect the donation money. Bembridge finished by saying that, if everything goes well, Acasta may try to do another round of donations next year.

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