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Indigenous Leaders meet with Government to discuss resource management

A meeting was recently held in Yellowknife between leaders of the Government of the Northwest Territories, and nine Indigenous groups at the Intergovernmental Council (IGC). The Indigenous leaders involved were all part of the Devoluion Agreement, which is a pact across multiple governments to involve Indigenous leaders, as well as the public, in decisions that affect resource management and matters concerning land.

The IGC itself is also a way for governments to cooperate when it comes to common interests. Since 2017, Devolution has received up to $37 million from the GNWT, all distributed amongst its various partners. Those participating in the Devolution Agreement have also been promised up to 25% of resource revenues with Indigenous governments.

Meetings like the one that just took place help the Members of he Devolution Agreement strengthen their relationship to official government bodies. Some of the topics discussed in this latest meeting were strengthening collaboration in legislative development, and approval of the IGC Strategic Plan.

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