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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Avens launching fundraising campaign for new call bell system

Avens has launched Operation Care on Call, a fundraising event to allow them to replace its current over 30-year-old nurse call bell system.

Avens hopes to raise $250,000 for the project over the course of seven months.

The use of a nurse call bell system is designed to enhance and ensure patient safety and allows residents to alert staff remotely of their need of assistance.

President and CEO, Daryl Dolynny says the need for rapid response communication between resident and caregiver is now more important than ever.

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“Better care through innovation are the hallmarks of a facility’s responsiveness to our changing needs. Addressing these safety needs with proper hardware and software solutions will help us revolutionize the traditional use of nurse call systems in senior care,” he adds.

Chair of the fundraising committee Bronwyn Watters says in any facility providing services for seniors, an efficient, reliable nurse call bell system is essential for ensuring the safety and well- being of residents.

“This proposed system will enable care staff not only to respond rapidly to a resident in need, but significantly enhance communications between staff and those they care for, as well as among staff, improving efficiency and quality of care,” he adds.

Watters says this is a vital system, and a critical project well worth supporting.

Dolynny says the operation has received its first early supporter for this fundraising initiative.

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“An anonymous donor donated $74,043 which has helped Avens officially launch this project.” he adds.

People can donate to the project by visiting their website and clicking the “donate now” button.

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