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Bear sighting in Range Lake, near Great Slave helicopter

A black bear has been spotted near Rivett Crescent in the Range Lake area in Yellowknife.

Environment and Natural Resources has been notified.

This comes the day after a bear was spotted near the Great Slave helicopter location with two cubs.

The bear charged a woman who was nearby, but the woman was separated from the bear by a fence.

ENR officers were able to scare the bear off using bear deterrents.

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“Remember, bears will go to great lengths to protect their cubs: please remain cautious in the area and make sure you stay Bear Aware if out on the land,” they wrote in a post on Facebook.

There has been a spate of bear sightings in the last few months, the most recent of which ended up with a bear being shot near Tin Can Hill.

ENR advises residents that to avoid incidents with bears, people should avoid leaving food or garbage unattended outside, and avoid walks alone at night, especially in forested areas.

ENR says if people see the bear, they should make themselves big, don’t make eye contact, back away slowly and make loud noises.

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