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Carmen Braden releases new single ahead of new album

Yellowknife composer and singer/songwriter Carmen Braden has released her new single, “Kick Kick”.

It is the lead single on the artist’s forthcoming third album Seed Songs.

Braden says “Kick Kick” reveals the first of many moments captured and woven through song across the album.

“Each song has a ‘seed idea’ I tried to capture. They’re each a kind of vignette: a moment in time; a snapshot of joy or struggle, fragments; phrases; edges,’ she adds.

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Braden says she wrote dozens of these short ‘seed song’ ideas during the pandemic as small details of everyday life were her focus.

“They’re all connected to moments of beauty I encountered, or struggles of the day-to-day. I strived to share things that may seem ordinary or simple at first, but are actually profound, fulfilling, and nuanced,” she adds.

Braden notes that most of the songs on the album are very short, as the shortest track clocks in at just 38 seconds.

“I feel there is beauty in miniatures, in brevity. If I can say something meaningful and musical in one minute, then that’s all the time it needs to take,” she adds.

The album will feature a total of 18 seed songs and is set for release in the fall of 2021.

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