Northern mountain caribou now an NWT species at risk

Northern Mountain Caribou - photo by Richard Popko.
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Northern mountain caribou has been added to NWT List of Species at Risk effective July 29th.

The NWT Conference of Management Authority says northern mountain caribou will be listed for a term of 10 years.

They say naming northern mountain caribou as a species at risk does not result in any automatic prohibitions or protections for the species or its habitat.

It does however mean that a management plan must be developed within two years of listing.

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The CMA says there is already a national management plan and a regional community-based planning process that could help fulfill this requirement.

Northern mountain caribou refers to the northern mountain population of woodland caribou.

The management authorities for northern mountain caribou are the Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board; Sahtú Renewable Resources Board; and GNWT.

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