MLA Steve Norn charged with two counts of violating public health act

A headshot of Norn. (Supplied by Steve Norn.)
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Steve Norn is going to court.

The Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh MLA could be fined around $1,700, as he faces two charges of violating the Northwest Territories’ Public Health Act for breaking his self-isolation in April.

He had admitted publicly to being the confirmed COVID-19 case in Yellowknife earlier in April, and was later found to have broken his self-isolation. Norn had been isolating after travelling outside of the NWT.

He was removed as chair of the Legislative Assembly’s oversight committee in May, and is currently being investigated by the Integrity Commissioner.

A complaint to the Integrity Commissioner was also submitted by MLA’s. Depending on the verdict of the commissioner, Norn could potentially face being removed as an MLA.

His first court appearance is set for June 15.

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