O’Reilly replaces Norn as chair of oversight committee

Frame Lake MLA Kevin O'Reilly. (Supplied by GNWT.)
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Kevin O’Reilly has been confirmed as the new Chair of the Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight, after Steve Norn was removed from the position.

Norn was voted out by fellow members after he was found to have broken his self-isolation after travelling outside the territory in the beginning of April. 

He had admitted publicly to being the confirmed COVID-19 case in Yellowknife earlier in April, and was later found to have broken his self-isolation.

A complaint to the Integrity Commissioner was also submitted by MLA’s. Depending on the verdict of the commissioner, Norn could potentially face being removed as an MLA.

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The committee has a variety of roles, including reviewing issues with MLA and government behaviour. It also coordinates the work of other committees.

With O’Reilly appointed as chair of the oversight committee, Lesa Semmler has been appointed as Deputy Chair of the Committee to fill the role O’Reilly previously held.

Jackie Jacobson was appointed as chair of the Standing Committee on Rules and Procedures, filling the role O’Reilly had previously held, with Katrina Nokleby being appointed the Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Development, to fill the role Jacobson previously held.

There have not been any updates on the Integrity Commissioner’s investigation into the complaint filed against Norn.

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