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June is Recreation and Parks Month being celebrated with over 50 events

Over 50 events have been planned by the NWT Recreation and Parks Association to celebrate Recreation and Parks Month.

Executive Director of the NWTRPA Sheena Tremblay JRPM is a way to celebrate and promote the many benefits of recreation and parks programs and services.

From June 1st through to June 31st, people from all across the territory will take part in physically active events and seniors’ events in their communities during the month of June.

Tremblay says many of these events are in celebration and promotion of a day of significance, including Intergenerational Day, Inuvialuit day, International Trails Day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and plenty more.

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“I encourage everyone to celebrate the NWT recreation and on the land programs and leaders this June. It’s an easy way to improve your overall well being,” she adds.

Every year, organizations are encouraged to apply for ARC grants to help their community members engage in recreation in order to stay active, resilient, and connected.

In order to receive funding, certain conditions must be met including; a community organization will plan, organize and host one JRPM event; the event must be free for participants; people must attend the event; the event must be open to the public; and the event must take place during the month of June.

There are 4 categories of grants available: equipment $400; online recreation $200; physically distant event $400; and elders physically distant event $500.

In 2020, over 1,500 NWT residents participated in 31 events for JRPM.

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