UPDATE: UNW and GNWT start negotiations on new collective agreement

UNW members at a February 1st gathering in downtown Yellowknife. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com).
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Update April 16 1:44 p.m.: The Union of Northern Workers and the GNWT jointly announced that negotiations have begun on a new collective agreement.

The Union of Northern Workers and the territorial government are set to start negotiating a new collective deal.

The current deal expired on March 31. That deal was a five-year deal negotiated in 2019, but was backdated to 2016, when the previous deal had expired.

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The terms of the previous collective agreement continue until a new agreement is signed.

On their website, the union posted a notice saying they were meeting with the GNWT “to discuss preliminary matters such as process.” The UNW served its Notice to Bargain to the GNWT back in November.

Throughout 2020, the UNW had been compiling proposals from different working groups and community groups to bring forward to the negotiation table.

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